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Friday, February 23, 2024

UK - A propos des partenariats internationaux des services de renseignements britanniques

Deux documents à lire qui traitent en particulier des partenariats internationaux des services de renseignement britanniques: 

- "Government Response to the Intelligence and Security Committee of Parliament Report 'International Partnerships'", Presented to Parliament by the Prime Minister by Command of His Majesty, February 2024

- "Intelligence and SecurityCommittee of Parliament - International Partnerships", Presented to Parliament pursuant to sections 3 of the Justice and Security Act 2013, Ordered by the House of Commons to be printed on 5 December 2023

* "For all parts of the Intelligence Community, international engagement is driven principally by operational priorities and requirements. This means that the Agencies and DI have sometimes to work with a broader range of partners, or place different emphases on partnerships, than other parts of the Government do". (5 December 2023)

La question sous-jacente est donc celle de la coordination des priorités, des choix, des partenariats, même si une marge de manoeuvre semble devoir être laissée à chaque service de renseignement dans la définition de ses périmètres de partenariats internationaux. 

Les choix des partenariats semblent être principalement guidés par les impératifs opérationnels propres à chaque service. Mais les objectifs stratégiques gouvernementaux contraignent aussi ces choix: "The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), while part of GCHQ, maintains its own set of international partnerships in order to assist with the delivery of its operational objectives, such as improving the global response to cyber incidents, and wider Government priorities like shaping the international debate on strategically critical matters such as cyber policy (including, crucially, discussions with US technology companies).12 Sometimes the department or agency with which NCSC engages in a given country will be different from that with which GCHQ works; however, the Committee was assured that the NCSC’s activity is aligned with broader HMG objectives". (5 December 2023)

En matière cyber, le partenariat principal le lien avec UKUSA, les relations étant particulièrement étroites bien sûr avec la NSA, mais aussi le Canada: "Canada has been with us at the head of the pack on cyber security and our relationship on cyber security is extremely strong and deep. It’s the deepest of the Five Eyes actually". (5 December 2023)

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