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Monday, November 28, 2011

Article - 24th Air Force finds its place in cyberspace

Defense Systems website published last november 09, 2011 this short article titled "24th Air Force finds its place in cyberespace". Two years ago the 24th Air Force began its operations as the Air Force component of the US Cyber Command. Let's remind that the other components of this Cyber Command are the ARFORCYBER (Army Forces), MARFORCYBER (Marine Forces), and NAVCYBERFOR (Navy).  

Book - Cyberattaque et Cyberdéfense

Daniel Ventre a publié "Cyberattaque et Cyberdéfense" aux éditions Hermès Lavoisier en septembre 2011.  312 pages.
Cet ouvrage examine les modalités du cyberconflit, en particulier la cyberguerre (guerre cybernétique, guerre informatique). Il introduit la notion d'affrontements dans la dimension informationnelle (ADI). Ce concept regroupe l'ensemble des opérations et actions situées entre la cybercriminalité et la cyberguerre.
La cyberattaque et la cyberdéfense deux dimensions majeures du cyberconflit, sont développées à l'aide d'analyses de scénarios. Les questions de géopolitique et de relations internationales sont exposées afin de confronter les discours sur le cyberpouvoir et la cyberpuissance à ceux sur la guerre froide, la guerre nucléaire et les guerres nouvelles.
Enfin, le cyberconflit est observé à travers le prisme de l'art de la guerre.
Des logiques d'affrontement conventionnelles sont applicables, mais doivent composer avec des phénomènes spécifiques au cyberespace : absence d'attribution des attaques, absence de preuve, réduction des notions de temps et d'espace.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Urgent! - Avis de recherche - Missing Person

Missing Person - Avis de recherche - Urgent - Sandrine Wilhelm disparue depuis le 7 novembre 2011 - Sandrine Wilhelm was last seen in Kintzheim last november 7, 2011. If you see her please call 33 1 88 58 45 50

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Article - DHS Finds No Evidence Hackers Penetrated Illinois Water Plant

Who are the culprits? Who has attacked the Illinois Water Plant information systems? Has the facility's control system been cyberattacked? A lot of questions... but no answers.

Book - Contrôles et surveillances dans le cyberespace

Daniel Ventre & Frédéric Ocqueteau vous proposent "Contrôles et surveillances dans le cyberespace", publié aux éditions de La Documentation Française, Collection Problèmes Politiques et Sociaux, n° 988, novembre 2011.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Monday, November 21, 2011

Report - Department of Defense Cyberspace Policy Report

November 2011. New report. 14 pages. Department of Defense Cyberspace Policy Report, following the previous Department of Defense Strategy for Operating in Cyberspace . The report answers the 13 questions asked in the Senate report 111-201 (National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2011)

Comment of the report by Ellen Nakashima

Article - U.S. probes cyber attack on water system

Federal investigators confirmed that hackers remotely shut down a utility's water pump in central Illinois (in a rural community west of the state capital Springfield) two weeks ago (November 8). This could be a foreign attack (!?) But who is the culprit?

Article - Coast Guard Cyber Command

The article posted by Eric Beidel at the NDIA website provides interesting statistics concerning the U.S. cyberdefense approach. For instance, while the Army has some 21,000 personnel devoted to network defense, the Coast Guard has just 18 who must defend 45,000 workstations and users. He also explains that "During a typical month, emails carry about 25,000 viruses into the Coast Guard network. And attacks on computer systems have been increasing wholesale. In November 2009, a little more than 150 Coast Guard workstations showed infections, according to data from the service. By February 2010, viruses had been planted on more than 1,000 computers. That same month saw an additional 20,000 or so attacks that the service’s response system handled automatically".

Article - US and Poland joined CCD COE

US and Poland officially joined the CCD COE last thursday.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Resources - Cyberspace Security NATO LibGuide

The Cyberspace Security NATO LibGuide is intended to provide a few starting points to assist you with your research on issues related to cyberspace security, in particular, in the NATO context.
NATO LibGuides are web-based research guides bringing you the latest information selected by the NATO Multimedia Library staff (articles, news, reports, videos, websites, etc.) on some specific topics.

The eConflicts blog is referenced on Nato LibGuide:

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Conference - The Fourth ICTs and Society-Conference

Call for Contributions/Abstracts

Critique, Democracy, and Philosophy in 21st Century information Society.  Towards Critical Theories of Social Media. The Fourth ICTs and Society-Conference
Uppsala University. May 2nd-4th, 2012.

A unique event for networking, presentation of critical ideas, critical  engagement, and featuring leading critical scholars in the area of Critical Internet Studies and Critical Studies of Media & Society.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Reportage - L'art de la cyberguerre

Voir le reportage "L'art de la cyberguerre", sur le site  (publié le 6 novembre 2011). Reportage réalisé à l'occasion des Assises de la sécurité informatique (Monaco. 5-8 Octobre 2011)

Article - The Arab Spring Events from an IW Perspective

Brett Van Noekerk, Kiru Pillay and Manoj Maharaj (University of KwaZulu-Natal - South Africa) have published a paper titlled "Analyzing the Role of ICTs in the Tunisian and Egyptian Unrest from an Information Warfare Perspective" (International Journal of Communication 5 (2011), 1406-1416) 

In January 2011, the Tunisian government stepped down after weeks of protests; this was followed by unrest and protests in Egypt against the Egyptian government, leading also to the resignation of its president. Demonstrations in both countries were facilitated in some part by the online social media and related information and communications technologies that impacted the flow of information. The manner in which the information and communication technologies were employed suggests that the uprisings were a form of social information warfare. To provide an alternative understanding of the role of technology and information in the events that led to the resignations of the Tunisian and Egyptian presidents, these uprisings are analyzed using the Information Warfare Lifecycle Model.

Article - Relevance of Information Warfare Models to Critical Infrastructure Protection

Brett van Niekerk and Manoj S. Maharaj (School of Information Systems and Technology, University of KwaZulu-Natal) recently published in the Scientia Militaria South African Journal of Military Studies (Vol.39, n°2, 2011) the article titled "Relevance of Information Warfare Models to Critical Infrastructure Protection".

Article - The Information Warfare Life Cycle Model

Brett van Niekerk and Manoj S. Maharaj (University of Kwazulu-Natal - South Africa) propose a paper titled "The Information Warfare Life Cycle Model", published in the South African Journal of Information Management, Vol. 13, n°1 (2011).

Information warfare (IW) is a dynamic and developing concept, which constitutes a number of disciplines. This paper aims to develop a life cycle model for information warfare that is applicable to all of the constituent disciplines. The model aims to be scalable and applicable to civilian and military incidents where information warfare tactics are employed. Existing information warfare models are discussed, and a new model is developed from the common aspects of these existing models. The proposed model is then applied to a variety of incidents to test its applicability and scalability. The proposed model is shown to be applicable to multiple disciplines of information warfare and is scalable, thus meeting the objectives of the model.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Article - NATO seeks single cyber command

"Will NATO increase its cyber offensive capabilities?" was among the questions asked during the Nov.9 NATO meeting in Brussels.

Article "NATO seeks single cyber command". Nov. 10, 2011

Report - Project 2049 Institute

Mark A. Stokes, Jenny Lin and L.C. Russell Hsiao, from the Project 2049 Institute, publish a new and interesting study titled "The Chinese People's Liberation Army Signals Intelligence and Cyber Reconnaissance Infrastructure" (Nov.11, 2011).

Dowload the report at:

"This study offers a tentative baseline for assessing the GSD Third Department, affiliated Technical Reconnaissance Bureaus (TRBs), and supporting research and development organizations. An examination of this organization, its role and function would provide a mosaic with which to better evaluate China‘s signal intelligence and cyber-infrastructure. Public information on the Third Department has been limited, with only tentative links drawn between the Third Department and CNE.
The study first examines the Third Department command structure and subordinate research institutes, and then offers an overview of the Third Department‘s 12 operational bureaus. The discussion then focuses on the technical reconnaissance assets under each of the PLA‘s seven MRs, Navy, Air Force, and Second Artillery Force".

Report - To Log or not to log ?

"To log or not to log?"  is the title of a new report from the ENISA about the risks of life-logging applications - Nov. 11, 2011. Download the report at

Monday, November 14, 2011

Report - Foreign Spies Stealing Economic Secrets

Report from the Office of the National Counterintelligence Executive. Foreign Spies Stealing US Economic Secrets in Cyberspace. October 2011. 31 pages.

Dowload the report:

Article - Cyberguerre et guerre de l'information: Cuba

Nouvel article "Cyberguerre et guerre de l'information: Cuba" (Daniel Ventre), publié dans le dernier numéro de la revue MISC (n°58), novembre-décembre 2011, pp.58-64. 

Conference - ICIW 2012

The 7th International Conference on Information Warfare and Security (ICIW 2012) Conference will be held in Seatle (USA) on 22-23 March 2012.

Book - Cyberwar - by Sandro Gaycken

New book. "Cyberwar - Das Wettrüsten hat längst begonnen" by Sandro Gayken. Goldmann Tb. March 2012.  152 pages.

Selection of texts in English from the same author (pdf files)
Webpage of the author:

Twitter: chubbylover69

Conference - Call for Papers: CyCon 2012

In June 2012 the fourth International Conference on Cyber Conflict (CyCon 2012) will take place in Tallinn, Estonia. The conference will focus on military and paramilitary activities in cyberspace. Call for Papers is now open and the deadline for submission of abstracts is set for 12 December 2011.

The NATO CCD COE will offer 5-8 June 2012 the 4th International Conference on Cyber Conflict (CyCon 2012). The conference will bring together experts from government, military, academia and the private sector to Tallinn to discuss recent trends in cyber security. In 2012 the conference will focus on military and paramilitary activities in cyberspace. This topic will be explored from the political, legal and technical perspectives within two parallel tracks: the Law & Policy Track and the Technical Track.

Book - Contrôles et surveillances dans le cyberespace

Vient de paraître Contrôles et surveillances dans le cyberespace, Daniel Ventre & Frédéric Ocqueteau, La Documentation Française, Collection Problèmes Politiques et Sociaux, n° 988.

Article - Cyberguerre: de quoi la Chine est-elle capable?

Billet signé Daniel Ventre, publié sur le site 01Net. 21 octobre 2011. Cyberguerre: de quoi la Chine est-elle capable?

Conference - ECIW 2012

A noter dans vos agendas, la manifestation européenne ECIW 2012, organisée à Laval par l'ESIEA. Chairman: Eric Filiol. Il est encore temps pour soumettre vos articles: deadline fixée au 16 décembre 2011.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Conference - Call for Papers: eConflicts Resolved

The University of Arkansas Little Rock Law Review is calling for the submission of articles for its upcoming Ben J. Altheimer Paper Symposium, eConflicts Resolved: Evaluations of Legal Solutions to Information-Age Conflicts. Deadline for submission is January 31st, 2012. Webpage of the call:

Saturday, November 12, 2011

New Blog "eConflicts"

My website "Infowar" ( will be closed next December 31st, 2011.

I set up this new blog, called "eConflicts", to publish information about cyberconflicts, cyberwar, information warfare.