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Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Cybersecurity in Humanities and Social Sciences: A Research Methods Approach

"Cybersecurity in Humanities and Social Sciences. A Research Methods Approach". Edited by Hugo Loiseau, Daniel Ventre, Hartmut Aden. Wiley - ISTE, October 2020, 234 pages. Cybersecurity set, Coordinated by Daniel Ventre, Volume 1 (Cybersecurity Set)

Print ISBN:9781786305398 |Online ISBN:9781119777588 |DOI:10.1002/9781119777588

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Table of contents: 

- Introduction. Daniel Ventre, Hugo Loiseau, Hartmut Aden

- Chapter 1. The “Science” of Cybersecurity in the Human and Social Sciences: Issues and Reflections. Hugo Loiseau

- Chapter 2. Definitions, Typologies, Taxonomies and Ontologies of Cybersecurity. Daniel Ventre. 

Chapter 3. Cybersecurity and Data Protection – Research Strategies and Limitations in a Legal and Public Policy Perspective. Hartmut Aden

Chapter 4. Researching State-sponsored Cyber-espionage. Joseph Fitsanakis

- Chapter 5. Moving from Uncertainty to Risk: The Case of Cyber Risk. Michel Dacorogna and Marie Kratz

Chapter 6. Qualitative Document Analysis for Cybersecurity and Information Warfare Research. Brett Van Niekerk and Trishana Ramluckan

Chapter 7. Anti-feminist Cyber-violence as a Risk Factor: Analysis of Cybersecurity Issues for Feminist Activists in France. Elena Waldispuehl

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