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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

News - Information Operations Training

US Army 1st IO Command. IO Training. 15 october 2012 - 27 september 2013.
- IO fundamentals
- Military Information Support Operations Integration Course (MISOIC)
- Military Deception Planners Course (MDPC)
- Sociocultural Information Integration Course - Afghanistan (SIIC)
- Basic Computer Network Operations Planners Course (BCNOPC): coordinated employment of Computer Network Exploitation (CNE), Computer Network Attack (CNA), and Computer Network Defense (CND) activities. The BCNOPC describes how CNO elements (CNE, CNA, CND) relate to each other; to other Information Operations Capabilities (EW, MILDEC, OPSEC, PSYOP, etc.); and, in general, to both friendly and adversary operations in cyberspace.
- Executive Computer Network Operations Planners Seminar (ECNOPS). This seminar provides a strategic/operational level introduction to CNO and cyberspace planning. Content and discussions are at the TOP SECRET//SI level
- Electronic Warfare Integration Course (EWIC)

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