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Friday, March 16, 2012

Report - Occupying the Information High Ground

A new report is available, titled "Occupying the information High Ground: Chinese capabilities for Computer Network Operations and Cyber Espionage" (Report prepared fir the U.S.- China Economic and Security Review Coommission by Northrop Grumman Corp.) (March 7, 2012. 136 pages).
"The present study is intended to be a detailed follow up and expansion upon a 2009 assessment prepared for the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission of China’s evolving computer network operations capabilities and network intrusion incidents attributed to China. Concern in the United States over alleged Chinese penetrations of both commercial and government networks has only intensified in the past two years as successive incidents have come to light in the media and more organizations voluntarily come forward. The Commission requested a study that both reviewed developments since the 2009 study was completed and examined new issues related to cybersecurity, China, and potential risks to U.S. interests." (p.6)
The Creation of a Chinese "cyber warfare unit": Guangzhou Military Region’s Online Blue Force
Keywords: Information Warfare, Network Warfare, Computer Network Operations, Doctrine, Strategy, Training,

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