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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

New review - "Cyber, Intelligence, and Security"

Vient de paraître le premier numéro de la nouvelle revue israélienne "Cyber, Intelligence, and Security", produite par l'INSS (Institute for National Security Studies). Au sommaire de ce numéro de janvier 2017: 

* Jointness in Intelligence Organizations: Theory Put into Practice – by Kobi Michael, David Siman-Tov, and Oren Yoeli

* The United States’ Cyber Warfare History: Implications on Modern Cyber Operational Structures and Policymaking – by Omry Haizler

* Lessons Learned from the “Viral Caliphate”: Viral Effect as a New PSYOPS Tool?  - by  Miron Lakomy

* An Intelligence Civil War: “HUMINT’” vs. “TECHINT” – by Matthew Crosston and Frank Valli

* Israeli Cyberspace Regulation: A Conceptual Framework, Inherent Challenges, and Normative Recommendations – by Gabi Siboni and Ido Sivan-Sevilla

* Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity – by Nadine Wirkuttis and Hadas Klein

* Pedal to the Metal? The Race to Develop Secure Autonomous Cars – by Andrew Tabas

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