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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Report - COVERING CYBER Media Coverage of Cyber Issues Since 2014

An interesting study titled "COVERING CYBERMedia Coverage of Cyber Issues Since 2014" has just been published (April, 2018) by the Institute for Public Diplomacy and Global Communication (George Washington University). The author, Sean Aday, " analyzes media coverage of cyber issues in major American newspapers and network and cable news broadcasts since 2014 to assess how these issues are being framed in the press". Among his main conclusions let's mention that :
- "Despite more attention to them, cyber stories were not prominently featured in the news"
- "Cyber is primarily a hacking and cyber security story"
- "In 2016, cyber increasingly became a political story"
- "Cyber is a U.S.-centric issue in American media. Stories rarely discussed the global ramifications of cyber issues"
- "“Villains” in cyber stories are typically hackers, though also frequently governments, including the United States." "The U.S. (in 2014), China (in 2015), and Russia (in 2016 and 2017) traded off being the countries most likely to be villains"
- " villains are far more likely to be “hackers” than tech giants potentially invading customers’ privacy"
- "Who speaks? The tech industry and the U.S. government"
- " By contrast, privacy experts, citizens, and international experts were rarely quoted"

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