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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Report - Project 2049 Institute

Mark A. Stokes, Jenny Lin and L.C. Russell Hsiao, from the Project 2049 Institute, publish a new and interesting study titled "The Chinese People's Liberation Army Signals Intelligence and Cyber Reconnaissance Infrastructure" (Nov.11, 2011).

Dowload the report at:

"This study offers a tentative baseline for assessing the GSD Third Department, affiliated Technical Reconnaissance Bureaus (TRBs), and supporting research and development organizations. An examination of this organization, its role and function would provide a mosaic with which to better evaluate China‘s signal intelligence and cyber-infrastructure. Public information on the Third Department has been limited, with only tentative links drawn between the Third Department and CNE.
The study first examines the Third Department command structure and subordinate research institutes, and then offers an overview of the Third Department‘s 12 operational bureaus. The discussion then focuses on the technical reconnaissance assets under each of the PLA‘s seven MRs, Navy, Air Force, and Second Artillery Force".

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