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Monday, November 21, 2011

Article - Coast Guard Cyber Command

The article posted by Eric Beidel at the NDIA website provides interesting statistics concerning the U.S. cyberdefense approach. For instance, while the Army has some 21,000 personnel devoted to network defense, the Coast Guard has just 18 who must defend 45,000 workstations and users. He also explains that "During a typical month, emails carry about 25,000 viruses into the Coast Guard network. And attacks on computer systems have been increasing wholesale. In November 2009, a little more than 150 Coast Guard workstations showed infections, according to data from the service. By February 2010, viruses had been planted on more than 1,000 computers. That same month saw an additional 20,000 or so attacks that the service’s response system handled automatically".

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